Freedom to choose – Supplier-independent datacenter from Jyväskylä.

Our secure, operator- and supplier-independent Datavault Kanavuori offers companies plenty of options for implementing their own data center services now and in the future.

Whether your needs are small or large, you can find flexible, high-quality and competitive solutions in our data center.

DataVault Kanavuori

Datavault Kanavuori is a high security datacenter operated by TNNet Oy.

Located in Jyväskylä in central Finland the site is safely set aside from many critical concentrations of IT-infrastructure making it an ideal choice for safe primary site or secure secondary site.

Originally a site for Finnish Defense forces, Kanavuori is known for its high physical security. The site is dug in a mountainside with at least 7 meters of rock between the data center and outside world. We have the benefit of being underground, while not being submerged. Site floor level is at least 6 meters above highest known highwater marks for the area. Hard Finnish granite offers a high degree of protection against both environmental and manmade dangers.

All access to facility and data center areas, up to rack door access, is monitored with two-factor authentication (personal token + pin code) and high coverage video surveillance. Video surveillance is monitored both by ourselves and by a security company.
We currently have 600 square meters of data center area in production. Out of which about half is actual IT-equipment area. This area can host up to 1MW of redundant capacity. Total facility size is 13.000 square meters.




The surface of datacenter is:
1 500 m²

As a service provider, do you want to offer your customers services from a high-quality data center? Perhaps be involved in producing vendor-independent services for current and future data center customers?

The data center offers the possibility of producing cloud services and maintaining co-location services. This is made possible by several service providers operating in our data center.

An data center operator with a face

In our opinion, data center operator should have a face that you connect with. Together, we will develop exactly the right data center services for you according to your needs. Familiar contacts know you, your business and your equipment’s.

Together we can start a new data center strategy with you.

Datacenter Kanavuori accessibility
99,92 %

DataVault in a nutshell

Facts about our data center

  • The surface of data center area 1500 square meter.
  • Electricity capacity is 1MW, which will be increased as needed.
  • Kanavuori accessibility is 99,92 %.
  • 90% of the heat produced in the data center is produced for reuse.
  • Verified networks along several different routes.

Available range of services

  • Co-location services
  • Cloud services (Private, Public, Hybrid and Multicloud)
  • Seperated datacenters in different geographic locations
  • Data storage
  • Data center services
  • XaaS services
  • Network services from several operators

Contact information

Teemu Bogdanoff
Sales Manager
Sakari Pöyhönen
Sales Director
Jari Lehtonen
VaultCloud product manager


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